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This is our newest and priceless way to spread awareness about The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project and thus a Resource Based Economy. It is a message you can post on youtube comment boxes from channels talking about our ECONOMICAL, SOCIAL & ECOLOGICAL CRISIS.


The "Youtube Approach" goal is simple: It is to make people curious about TZM and a RBE…curious enough to make them watch “Awakening” and “Zeitgeist Addendum”, to begin with.

THE YOUTUBE APPROACH MESSAGE (copy and paste as it is here)

The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) brought up some Real and Tangible Solutions to ACTUALLY SOLVE OUR ECONOMICAL, SOCIAL & ECOLOGICAL CRISIS - to know more about it, watch: "Awakening - Multilang - 1/4" (short video) and "Zeitgeist Addendum". Both of them are on YouTube. The SOLUTIONS presented in both videos are already being applied and they have already been proved to work in the short and long run. It's about time to expand/spread it World Wide.


the zeitgeist movement dot com

:) THE YOUTUBE APPROACH MESSAGE 1 by Factual Solutions



The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) has been showing that we have the ability to generate energy, food, housing, health and education for everyone in the world, while, at the same time, we are able to ELIMINATE OUR ECONOMICAL, SOCIAL & ECOLOGICAL CRISIS along with corruption, poverty, abuse of power, unemployment, social stratification, and other factors that hinder the life and sustainability of the planet and its inhabitants.To know more about it, watch: "Zeitgeist Addendum" - It is on youtube




There will probably be two basic Feedbacks from this approach:

1 – Positive Feedback - Some people will send you a message thanking you for sharing those videos you mentioned. If they have watched The Matrix, they will probably refer to Zeitgeist Addendum as a “Red pill documentary” or something along those words. It is important to tell them that there must be a Zeitgeist Chapter in their region and they should contact their local Chapter to join the movement if they want to. Remember: there is no need to tell anyone what they “must” to do. You are not here because your were forced to. Just inform people and let they follow their own way as it has happened to you.

04 15-Dec-10 copy

Positive Feedback



2 – Not Positive Feedback - As Peter Joseph has already mentioned: some people will just label it according their own background. They will call it as a NWO Movement, NGO/ Elite propaganda, Zionist propaganda, Luciferian Movement, Totalitarian and Evil “thing” and so forth (there are indeed laughable concepts about TZM out there and from people that have just “heart about” TZM).

Not Positive Feedback


And here is a classic message: “The End Is Near”, “AntiChrist”, “There is nothing we can do about it”, “The bible has warned us” and finally, the argument that closes all doors to any rational conversation “It’s God’s will, brother!”

Not Positive Feedback

There is very little you can do for them regard explaining what TZM in fact is rather than what they “believe” TZM is. It is like to tell an alcoholic to stop drinking or an addicted person to stop taking drugs or gambling, etc. You can give them the best reasons ever to stop their addiction…it will probably not work (but this is not rule of thumb) .

HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO…don't debate or argue with them, just inform them about the facts and let them know that many places (as Findhorn Foundation, Auroville and many other places) have already applied what a RBE promotes and hence what they think about a RBE won't change that.

It is all about informing people – Do not debate or discuss. There is no true or false option here, nor good or bad, nor fair or unfair - just the facts.


Regarding answering feedbacks, again, let’s simplify them to just two kinds of feedbacks you may receive and how to answer them accordantly:

1 – Positive feedback - People will thank you for sharing the message/videos about TZM and they may also send you some info about places they know that are already using some RBE characteristics, such as EcoVillages, Transition Towns, etc. Send back a message telling them something along these lines:


It’s is great to know you’ve enjoyed to watch Zeitgeist: Addendum/Zeitgeist: Moving Forward/Awakening, etc. Make sure to find a local zeitgeist chapter in your region and help to spread awareness if you will. Here is a place where you can find some ideas on how to do that:

factualsolutions dot blogspot dot com/2009/03/ spread-awareness dot html

All the best



Message to Positive feedback  by Factual Solutions

2 – Negative feedback - Again, some people won’t be so receptive regard the ideas of a RBE. They will make comments to support their views and they will strongly ignore the facts presented on Zeitgeist Addendum. Be aware that some people may impolitely disagree also (don’t be shocked). A reasonable message to them could be summarized like so:

Thanks for the info.But again,the SOLUTIONS presented in both videos I've posted are already being applied and they have already been proved to work in the short and long run(google "Live In Your Own Venus Project City TODAY" to see it for yourself).And by the way,I am not here to convince anyone of anything, I am here to present information,nothing else (check the info, the sources and make up your own mind.Over 550,000 people already did it and this number is growing fast).
All the best.

Message to Negative feedback  by Factual Solutions


So far, the best places to post these comments are on channels/videos talking about our ECONOMICAL, SOCIAL & ECOLOGICAL CRISIS.

Here are some channels on youtube you may be interested to leave some comments:


The final goal of this approach is: “to pass information on.”

While using this approach, try not to get trapped by people trying to debate, discuss and finally argueing with you. We are not here to argue with people or to convince anyone about anything but just “to pass information on.” If people ask you specific questions, redirect them accordantly to lectures/videos such as:

Remember that youtube allows just 500 characters per comment and no website can be posted (but you can still write “the zeitgeist movement dot com”).

Any ideas or suggestions

Email: factualsolutions@gmail.com


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