Which movie should I show to people first?

Zeitgeist Addendum

No discussions about that.



But if you are a newbie and want to know why…read the post below.


There were/are many discussions regard this issue of: “which movie should I show first to my friends or family?”. In General, the answer is: Zeitgeist Addendum.

I decided to paste here one of the best answers I found to explain this issue but you can find many more answers like this one in forums.


By Pnomad (Contact Pnomad HERE)

“I've found that people are uncomfortable viewing the original Zeitgeist first (Zeitgeist the Movie), and once they have started there, it is difficult to get them to view Zeitgeist Addendum. However, those that view Addendum first usually want to see the original afterwards.

I've learned so far that my friends, at least, are much more receptive to Addendum when compared to the original Zeitgeist. These films do not have to be viewed in the order they were made. Addendum really does a great job of explaining the subject of money and goes on to offer something positive [and breathtaking] as it introduces the Venus Project.

Sometimes the less you say to people, the better. That way, they have the DVD in their hands already, and hopefully some [if not most] of them will watch it sooner or later. It's a curious thing, but when people view something without forming preconceived notions before they hit 'play' they are more receptive to new ideas.

As for the religion part, make it clear that the movement actually exemplifies nearly every good notion that most religions support. People tend to think that the film is attacking them for being religious, when in reality it is informing them that they have been duped. It's not easy for anyone to believe that something they have spent their entire life investing in may be a huge sham. If they can realize that this part of the film is attacking the institutions that have disobeyed their trust, rather than attacking the followers, it might be easier for them to consider.

I say, start with Addendum. When you hand it to someone, simply say that you believe it offers an alternative view of the world that may make them question everything. Or, tell them about the incredible designs of the Venus Project without giving away too much detail, or getting into a part of the Venus Project you aren't ready to discuss. Another way to gauge how well you fare when explaining things is to have your friends and family members view Addendum. Naturally, they will have questions, so you can practice using the questions they bring up.”


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