Live In Your Own Venus Project City TODAY


You would be surprise to know how many “Venus Project Cities” we have out there TODAY.

Have you ever seen one?

Well, they are not called “Venus Project Cities”, this name is just a label for a series of ideas that can be implemented to make our lives really worthy to be lived.

Let’s make no mistake here, the Venus Project is not all about that fancy technology we saw on Zeitgeist Addendum, the Venus Project is, above everything, a Cultural Shift that needs to happen… and it is happening, as you will see below. Some few examples could me mentioned now, though:

  • Auroville (India)
  • Findhorn Foundation (Scotland/UK)
  • Path to Freedom (USA)
  • The Ecovillage at Currumbin (Australia)


What you will read here can help you in so many ways:

  1. You will be aware of places to go in case you have lost your job and house. The number of foreclosures today is staggering. If people knew what to do and where to go, they would not be living on the streets today;
  2. You will be aware of a number of cities that are already “in transition”;
  3. You will be aware of: how to stop relying on food and energy companies by getting your own energy and food supplies;
  4. You will be aware of a number of sites that can help you to start walking the road to become self-sufficient.


-Let’s start with the most critical point  - “I’ve lost my job and my house” – What to do and where to go TODAY?

 I’ve lost my job and my house by Factual Solutions


The Venus Project Cities TODAY - “Transition Towns”

 Transition Towns by Factual Solutions


The Venus Project Houses TODAY - “The Dervaes Family House”

The Venus Project House by Factual Solutions


The Venus Project Tool Box – “You becoming self-sufficient”

  The Venus Project Tools  by Factual Solutions


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