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-Advanced Approach-

Group C goes people you probably don’t know. This Group is divided in several subgroups. Nevertheless, they are as important as Group A an Group B. As we all know, our society is composed by a series of institutions and we have to approach each one of them. We will point some of them here along with “how” to approach each one of them either.

How to talk about Zeitgeist/TVP to Group C?

(NOTHING that you are going to read here is set in stone. Just remember to use good sense)

How to dress: Unfortunately, people judge too much (the way to walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, your hair style, your shape, etc). They say if you want to be taking serious, you should be dressed serious.

Every shop/business you go, you ask to talk to the owner/manager/responsible.

Present yourself: Who are you? You surely are a member of the Zeitgeist Movement but are you linked to the Greenpeace? Save the Children? Save the earth? UNICEF? Maybe your course in the university is “Social Work Course”. Does it matter if your goal is just one? NO.

But to a representant of “something” is always better than play the role of “Mr. Nobody”. Yes, we live in a “Badge World”. To say: “I am a representant/member of the a Social Movement/Zeitgeist Movement in this City” sounds just fine…but you may find yourself more comfortable using another sentence. It is up to you.

Give some actuall numbers: Make a little research about all those shops/business that went bust in your city due the recession – Mention some Names to give credibility to your research – Show some numbers of how fast that is happening and for how long that may remain ongoing (they are talking it will take some years to recover from this recession and business will keep going bust all the way long).

Follow the chat in these lines (or the way you believe is more appropriated):

“We are really concerned about losing more business in our city. We just can’t allow that happen any longer. We have decided to distribute this DVDs to as many business as we can in our city. This DVD shows a video divided in different subjects and, among them, it clearly says how this recession started and how to put an end to it. The more business/people aware about it the better are the chances our country/your business doesn’t go bust. Are you interested? We can provide copies for some employees too, as they should be aware too about it.”

Set a time for them to watch it like that:

“We work as volunteers, and different from other organizations, we don’t ask for any money/funds (we are aware that money corrupts). All we want is to make our community and hence our country to go through this recession by spreading awareness of how to definitely end with it. We have a limited number of DVDs we are distributing. What we are doing is giving this DVD to local business and collecting them back after x days (no more than a week) so everyone has the opportunity to watch it. Is that ok to come back here to collect it in x days? You are allowed to copy it and distribute if you want for your family, friends or costumers. If you don’t know how to make a copy, we can give you support on how to do that.”

DVD Buring

Promotional Material

Business owner want to contribute – he offers you money

You very likely will meet people that want to contribute by giving money. That sounds just great but let’s not be fools here. All we need are Blank DVDs, Plastic Sleeves, Printing Service, banners, stamps, etc. Our goal is to promote the movement through goods or services…not money. So if someone from a Computer Supply offer you cash to contribute, just ask for DVDs – If someone from a Printing shop want to contribute, ask if you can print DVD covers, etc….and so on. Refuse accept money and doing so people will truly realize the credibility of the Zeitgeist Movement.

Final notes:

Take the name and address of the place you have visited along with the person responsible you’ve talked to. Keep track of your visits and feedbacks. All these information can be posted on your Local Chapter. So local members will have access to it and they will be aware about the number of places that has been visited (shop/city/province/country) along with the feedbacks about the visits.

Opposition to the Venus Project???

Some very blind and brainwashed people will not approve any solution to our current situation. Don’t be afraid of them but the opposite. Listen to them and by the end of the conversation say the person has raised interesting points of view and those points of view would surely contribute to an improvement of the Venus Project. You have watched the Zeitgeist movies, the Activist Guide, the Z-Day New York, etc. You may be able to answer many questions by now. Use them to clarify people’s questions and skeptical doubts. In the very end, remember: The Venus project is not Perfect but it is much better system than the one we have today.


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