Group B

-Intermediate Approach-

Group B goes for your not so close friends, coworkers, classmates, family, relatives, etc – OK, on this group you need to approach in a slightly different way from Group A. As they may think how usual it would be if you treat them as the people on Group A. But, in the end, you will see that it is very easy to approach this group.

How to talk about Zeitgeist to Group B?

Let’s be honest, most people are not open to directly talk about religion, politics, economic, technology and so on.

  • On religion talk, people will probably think you are part of a new brainwash religion trying to recruit new sheeps.
  • On politics/economy talk, people will probably run away from you, as these subjects are seen as boring and tedious ones.
  • Don’t even try to talk about any subject related to conspiracy theory as people will probably think you are a terrorist.

So, how do I do?

Here are some tips:

- In the USA we have over 15 million people unemployed (2009 numbers) – Visit this link to know more about Unemployment Today. (also, keep track of the unemployment in the USA here)

- In the UK we have over 2,5 million people unemployed (keep track of the unemployment in the UK here and here)

- We are going through the worst recession since the World War 2 (keep track of this topic here)

- Did you realize the government bailout just big corporations/banks? What about all those small business in you city closing up? Did the government give any support to those business? What about people losing their houses? Is the government giving any help for homeowners? NO, NO, NO (keep track of this topic here)

- If you lose your job and can’t afford to pay your mortgage anymore. The bank take you house without thinking twice about it. Today the number of homeless are increasing on daily basis. To get a job today you will be asked an address (no address no job). You may try to rent a little flat or even a room but you can’t because you have no income and it is very likely that no one will rent even a room for someone without income. (keep track of this topic here)

- "G20 solved the problem – We got 1 trillion dollars now"(2009). That is the biggest joke ever. I won’t even bother to explain this swindle. We know exactly what is happening here: “the more money there is, the more debt there is”. If anyone say the opposite to you, give them Zeitgeist Addendum to watch.

By now you must have got the gist here. Forget talk directly about religion, politics, economic, conspiracy theories, etc. Talk about what is going on today using simple language (this is still about politics and economy but viewed from a simple angle, not a complicated one as the tube shows). Even naïve people can see by watching the deceive tube that things are at least odd . The TV, newspapers, radio, etc, just can’t hide the increasing numbers of the unstoppable bankruptcy our world is driving into.

In the mean time, as the chat goes on, you will have many chances to talk and about that video you saw another day on the internet (if you say “documentary” some people may step back as they just like to watch videos, movies and “stuff” on the internet…but not documentaries). Through the conversation, you must get something from the person like: “yeah, I have some friends that lost their jobs.” or “I know what you mean, there are many shops around going bust lately.” Mention you got so excited about the whole “stuff” you saw in the internet that you decided to download it and burn some DVDs to give to some friends to watch it too…”Would you like a copy?”

It is that easy.

You not just spread awareness but you still strength your friendship ;)

After that, keep track of the situation – Just make sure the person you gave the link/DVD didn’t forget to watch the video (send an email, call him/her, etc). After a week you will find out if your friend was really worried about how to end with the chaotic situation we are living today or that was just hot air/trash talking from him/her.

Also, send to your friend the Zeitgeist links including some others you can find here.


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