To Whom Should I Talk About The Zeitgeist Movement And The Venus Project?

The answer is: EVERYONE.

But unfortunately, there are many people out there with no intention to change. They are not open to new ideas or solutions to solve the problems of our society today. These people are still daydreaming (“zombies”, as Mike Ruppert use to call them), unable to see the recession all over the world, the high numbers of unemployed people, unable to see millions of people dying every day through starvation, preventable diseases, wars… (as it is very convenient just “change the channel” and ignore reality)

We will point 3 different groups to you, along with some useful tips on how to approach each group in order to talk about Zeitgeist and The Venus Project in an easy and simple way.

Remember that we are just presenting information to people- nothing else - we are not here to “convince” anyone about anything - again, we are just here to present information to people (through word of mouth, our medias, etc) - and it comes down to one thing: that we all have the same basic needs from birth to grave - stick with this principle and it will be easier to approach anyone, anytime (it doesn't matter what what's the person's background).

Before start it, check this list with some people that must be very interested and open to see what the Zeitgeist Movement is about and how the Venus Project can help all of us:

- Your family and friends – just by talking to them it mustn’t be hard to show the movies;
- Unemployed ones – these ones are really open to new solutions;
- Employed ones – are you employed? It doesn’t mean the job you have is the job you love – some people truly hate their jobs (and are open to changes);
- Don’t push the DVD on people that are not interested in it. They will probably trash it or leave it on the shelve to watch it “latter on” (never). Remember: people will wake up soon or latter. As time goes on, the unemployment will continue to raise and just this factor will force people to open their eyes for what is really going on.

 OK, now let’s check each one of these 3 groups:

Group A

Group B

Group C




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