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First of all, don’t project your negative feelings and thoughts towards the title “Zeitgeist Survival Group” (ZSG), as it has been wittingly chosen for the sake of calling its deserved attention. By the way, this article is not fear mongering, it is all about acknowledgement that “the Titanic is sinking and we better run to a boat while we have time NOW rather than ignore or deny the problem and head back to the party as most people prefer to do”. Ignoring the facts does not make them to go away. Most people will rather deny it than acknowledge it. As you may know: “Denial is nothing but the first stage of grief.” 


The idea to create a ZSG came from an event that recently happened: the earthquake in Chile (February 27, 2010). Gerald Celente (a famous trend forecaster) was there when it happened and survived the earthquake. After returning to the USA (where he actually lives), he had been through several interviews talking about what happened on that night, during the earthquake, how he managed to survive and finally, how the “Zeitgeist Survival Group” has been created form this event. Listen to this interview and learn from it.


“Prepare for the worst, if the worst doesn’t happen you don’t lose anything but if it does happen you lose everything”

Gerald Celente

Here is where the Zeitgeist Survival Group comes about. So far, we have just one rule, very simple and straightforward:

“Prepare For The Worst”.


Lets point out just facts, so people actually understand the importance of preparing right now.

  • Unemployment  is rising, worldwide, on daily basis, what lead us to all kind of social problems as we all have watched/read on the Activist Orientation Guide.
  • Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows agreed that it will take a collapse of our current system to people really wake up and start to look for a new system that is sustainable and does work (I believe you are familiar with the word “collapse”, it is bit more than not having electricity in your house).
  • Several reliable sources are predicting our so-called “collapse” by 2010 (not 2012). Take in consideration that, as of right now, we are already living a pre-collapse of our current system (that includes unemployment, starvation, food riots, lack of clean water…). Some sources are mentioning we are going to see an event of 9/11 magnitude between July and November 2010, which will change live as we know today. To mention a few sources regarding the collapse 2010:

· Gerald Celente himself – VIDEO 1VIDEO 2VIDEO 3

· Igor Panarin- VIDEO 1VIDEO 2

· Dmitry Orlov- VIDEO (Talking about the US collapse and comparing it wiht collapse the former Soviet Union)

· George Ure & Clif High – VIDEO (go forward 50 minutes on this video) – Site of this interview HERE


There are many solutions out there, things that people are doing and it is already working.

Who do you want to be with when things get unstable? Would you like to be with people that have been brainwashed during the last years watching all those nonsensical TV programs that are making humanity step backward in the evolution chart? Or, would you rather be living among aware, intelligent and forward thinking people that knows what to do and where to go when things get tough?

Let’s focus on “how to prepare for the worst, if the worst doesn’t happen you don’t lose anything but if it does happen you lose everything”

- Just as Gerald Celente have his group of likeminded people, where he could count on when things got tough on Chile, we have our almost half million likeminded zeitgeist group. You certainly have already subscribed on the Main Zeitgeist Site (US) and also on your local Zeitgeist Chapter (if you still haven’t, do it NOW). Get to know you local Zeitgeist Group as they are your nearest ZSG. You will be able to count on them if things get tough in your area and vice-versa. But do it TODAY – send them an email TODAY talking about the ZSG – visit them this weekend - get to know them NOW rather than when things get even tougher. Remember to “plan to prepare for the worst, if the worst doesn’t happen you don’t lose anything but if it does happen you lose everything”.

-Tips of Survival Skills can be found on websites – Take a look HERE to know at least the basics and not panic on a “mild collapse situation” – Video HERE

- Watch “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil” Site is HERE. You better know your neighbors NOW. You don’t want to knock your neighbor’s door for the first time in years when things get tough. Get to know your neighbors TODAY.

- If you live in a tough neighborhood/Community/City – Consider moving to a Transition Town. They are preparing for the worst and they will be much more resilient to stand a collapse than neighborhoods/Communities/Cities that have not prepared themselves in any way.

- The Money Issue – Again, Transition Towns are preparing in ways you can’t even imagine. Some , Transition Towns are issuing their own currency, so when there is a currency collapse they will not be affected as they have their own currency that is not influenced by our current “slave based on debt currency”. Watch “The Money Fix” to know more about it. Remembering that what The Money Fix points out is nothing but “Patch Work” of our current system (regarding the money issue), but again, it is less worse than our current “total slave based on debt currency”.

- Sad But True – Let it go – NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO MAKE IT. It may be your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife… there are many people out there with no intention to change, to listen or to act. They are not open to new ideas or solutions to solve the problems of our society today. These people are still daydreaming, unable to see the recession all over the world, the high numbers of unemployed people, unable to see millions of people dying every day due to starvation, preventable diseases, wars… (as it is very convenient to just “change the channel” and ignore reality). They won’t listen to you, it does not matter what you tell them now. Prepare yourself and be ready. This is not selfishness, you did your best for your loved ones - Sad But True – Let it go.

- Least but not least: POST THIS EVERYWHERE. Facebook, Twitter, mIRC, MSN, Forums, etc.

REMEMBER: “Prepare for the worst, if the worst doesn’t happen you don’t lose anything but if it does happen you lose everything”

Zeitgeist Survival Group by Factual Solutions


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