The Venus Project Tool Box*


What are the cities from the Venus Project about? They are, basically, self-sufficient.


Self Sustainability by Factual Solutions





Here you will find some sites that can help you to start walking the road to become self-sufficient.









First Step by Factual Solutions


Remember, even the Dervaes Family is still walking the path to a self-sustainable life and you really start to walk the path by giving the very first step.

Suggestions for your very first step for a green and sustainable life:

- Get informed and visit the links posted below;

- Take a walk today instead of using your car;

- Change the light bulbs that you have in your house for some economic ones;

- Plant some vegetables in your garden, etc.

(baby steps)



Here are some very useful websites that will help you to walk towards a self-sustainable life


Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI)

Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) by Factual Solutions


Off The Grid Living

Off The Grid Living   by Factual Solutions



Greenphase  by Factual Solutions



YourGreenDream  by Factual Solutions



Off-Grid  by Factual Solutions


EcoSustainable Hub

EcoSustainable Hub  by Factual Solutions


Countryfarm Lifestyles

Countryfarm Lifestyles  by Factual Solutions 


Nigel's Eco Store

Nigel's Eco Store  by Factual Solutions

* The Venus Project Tool Box - The Venus Project Tool Box is just a label for a series of ideas that can be implemented to make our lives really worthy to be lived.

Let’s make no mistake here, the Venus Project is not all about that fancy technology we saw on Zeitgeist Addendum, the Venus Project is, above everything, a Cultural Shift that needs to happen… and it is happening, as you have been seen through these pages.

Any ideas or suggestions

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