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Exposing Your Country Your Call FRAUD

Check some ideas below the video

This is a free of cost action and can be accomplished in less than 2 minutes.

Please, take 2 minutes from your time to vote for a Resource Based Economy in Ireland.

"WE NEED YOU!!" - You will need to register first BUT IT EASY, SIMPLE and it only takes a few seconds.

(PS: the original proposal was made by Paul Clarke, but it was recently removed. Now Todor reposted a similar proposal)

(PS: Now Todor Proposal was also removed - “Your Country NOT Your Call”)

Vote for a RBE Fraud by Factual Solutions



(until April 30th, 2010)

Thanks to everyone, in special to Todor, responsible for posting the RBE Proposal.

 Your Country Your Call Exposed

(Expecial thanks to RobertNinja for creating this excellent video exposing the fraudulent Your Country Your Call competition)

FAKE Promotional video: “Your Country, Your Call”

Your Country, Your Call, is a competition to ignite imaginations and inspire thinking.
The goal is to pick two truly transformational proposals so big that, when implemented, could secure prosperity and jobs for Ireland. Proposals that could help change the way we do things, allow businesses to grow, employment to be created and prosperity to flourish.
Your Country, Your Call gives you the chance to share your creativity to give life to new industry, revitalize or revolutionize an existing market, or even change the way we do business entirely. It's not about creating new products. It's about creating something that will make a long term positive impact on the future of Ireland, its people, and its economy.
Your Country, Your Call is all about Ireland. It's about helping to create sustainable employment and prosperity, whilst at the same time generating hope, confidence, and positive thinking.

Exposing Your Country Your Call FRAUD

Go to their channel on Youtube/Facebook and post, on their main page and in every single video they have there, something like this:

(On Youtube, post the site address below exactly as it is, otherwise your post will not be accepted)

Unfortunately it has been proved that Your Country Your Call is a FRAUD

Know more about it:

(after removing all 3 spaces on the link below)

miniurl. org / OFA


Here are their channels




Update about “Your Country Your Call”

It has been recently relabeled as “Your Country NOT Your Call”

The web site http://www.yourcountryyourcall.com  is a FRAUD

A Resource Based Economy (RBE) Proposal was submitted on (Feb 19, 2010) by Paul Clarke and was accepted.  In about 1 month's time, there were over 8,300 supports of this proposal.  There was about 1,000 comments for this proposal.  The last comment was made at 11:15am on March 22, 2010.  The second place proposal as of 3PM March 22, 2010 only has 792 supporters.  As of today, March 22, 2010, yourcountryyourcall removed the RBE proposal without any reason or explanation. 

Read more about it HERE


Lets recall, through some screenshots, how well the RBE Proposal, made by Paul Clarke, was doing until its unfair removal.

Date:19.03.2010 /Time:14:40

01 by Factual Solutions

Date:19.03.2010 /Time:18:25

02  by Factual Solutions

Date:19.03.2010 /Time:19:51

03  by Factual Solutions

Date:19.03.2010 /Time:20:39

04  by Factual Solutions

Date:19.03.2010 /Time:21:12

05 by Factual Solutions

Date:19.03.2010 /Time:22:04

06 by Factual Solutions

Date:19.03.2010 /Time:22:25

07 by Factual Solutions

Date:19.03.2010 /Time:23:56

08 by Factual Solutions

Date:20.03.2010 /Time:00:51

09 by Factual Solutions

Date:20.03.2010 /Time:09:45

10 by Factual Solutions

Date:20.03.2010 /Time:12:12

11 by Factual Solutions

Date:20.03.2010 /Time:13:16

12 by Factual Solutions

Date:20.03.2010 /Time: 16:45

13 by Factual Solutions

Date:20.03.2010 /Time: 17:59

14 by Factual Solutions

Date:20.03.2010 /Time: 18:52

15 by Factual Solutions

Date:20.03.2010 /Time: 20:58

16 by Factual Solutions

Date:20.03.2010 /Time: 23:53

17 by Factual Solutions

Date:21.03.2010 /Time: 00:11

18 by Factual Solutions

Date:21.03.2010 /Time: 08:40

19 by Factual Solutions

Date:21.03.2010 /Time: 11:35

20 by Factual Solutions

Date:21.03.2010 /Time: 14:30

21 by Factual Solutions

Date:21.03.2010 /Time: 16:40

22 by Factual Solutions

Date:22.03.2010 /Time: 00:40

23 by Factual Solutions

Date:22.03.2010 /Time: 10:44

24 by Factual Solutions

Date:23.03.2010 /Time: 15:33

25 by Factual Solutions


Update about “Your Country Your Call”

Lets recall, through some screenshots, how well the RBE Proposal, made by Todor, was doing until its unfair removal.

Date:23.03.2010 /Time: 12:06   

26 by Factual Solutions 


Date:23.03.2010 /Time: 12:06 

27 by Factual Solutions


*The information presented here comes from http://sites.google.com/site/yourcountrynotyourcall, hence, we are just reposting it here.


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