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I'm very glad to announce that mr. Peter Joseph, the brilliant guy who directed the two Zeitgeist movies which have been watched by more than 50 million people online and which have become a starting point for a worldwide grassroots movement to spread awareness and implement solutions to the major current worldwide issues and show a way to improve the life for every human being on this planet, is coming to London at the end of July to give a lecture about the movement and answer questions that people might have.
A unique opportunity to debate and see face to face the guy who is going to be one of the greatest social innovators of all times.
Mr. Peter Joseph will give a slide presentation on:
1) The Foundation of The Movement and it tenets and goals
2) A Response to Critics
3) Chapter Activism and Communication Strategies
4) Much More
He will also take live questions from the audience.
NOTE: It is very important that those who will to attend first review either the Orientation PDF, or the Orientation Film.

Cost: 8£
To book a seat, follow this link:
List of accomodations near to Goldsmith College, for people in need to stay overnight after the lecture. NB: Hotels in Greenwich are quite close.
Event on facebook here
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You can find this post at - http://zeitgeistuk.ning.com/events/peter-joseph-lecture-in-london


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