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Hi there

I am sending this message to all moderators from the Communications Team (as I would like to hear from you all about this project)

Some members and I, have been working on a little project called “Joining Forces”.

As you may know, on the “Projects Page”, there is a letter… and the idea is to send this letter through emails to organizations like Greenpeace, the ACLU, etc; with the purpose to let them know about the Zeitgeist Movement.

“Joining Forces” Project is a very specific Letter to a very specific goal, that is: to reach the Humanitarian Organizations/Institutions.

In most cities we can find Volunteer Centers and organizations, like The Heart Foundation, Save the children, Save the Animals, etc. My idea was to compose a letter similar to the one posted on the Projects Page and hand it or sent it (through regular mail) to places like the ones I just mentioned, along with both DVDs (Addendum and the Orientation Guide – 5 copies of each, not just for managers to watch but for employees, too). E-mails are great but we all agree that we just can’t rely completely on them. We rather go to these places, as a Zeitgeist Members, and spend some minutes talking to someone about our Movement /Goals and handing our Material personally rather than just “email” them (and we know how newbies are eager to take action). I’ve developed DVD Covers too and tried to keep it as “good looking” as possible. The idea is to Have a Zeitgeist Envelop too, but for the ones that can’t print our LOGO on envelops, they will have the option to just print regular logos and glue then on the envelop (suggestions?)

Points to consider:

- The idea is not just inform them about us but ask them for a position concerning “Joining Forces” with us or not (if they say NO, we ask for a reason so we can gauge any flaw in our letter or even the movement proposes).

- We also need someone to take their answers (and maybe their questions), whether they will join or not. I have to state that I am OK regard communication and spread awareness but I also know that members like you, Moderators, have a higher level of understanding about the Movement. We need volunteers for this task. Is anyone up to it?

- Once we have positive answers from different organizations, one may ask: “and now what?” – This is a good question. What these organizations can do for the Movement? Or, what can we do for them? I believe the word “cooperation” comes handy here. As far as I am concerned, what we can do now is to spread awareness and stop support the system in different ways. We have to educate the public, no doubt about that. As PJ mentioned: “we have to pull in anyone that share our goals”.

    -  That’s enough by now - You can now read the letter– Let me know what you think about it.

PS: This Letter has already been reviewed several times and we believe the information there is Spot On….but we are always open for improvements.

Thank you Moderators



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