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The Envelop Logo will be glued on the envelope.

SPECIAL ATTENTION HERE: Each logo is Personalized according to the Humanitarian Organization you will approach. We offer here a range of “Premade Logos” (for example: if you are going to approach “Greenpeace”, so, download our “Premade Greenpeace Logo” – Got it?)

You also have the possibility to download our “Standard Logo” and complete it, by yourself, with the name of the Organization you will approach.

It is all very easy.

Step by Step Guide on what to do:

1. Download our “Premade” or “Standard” Logo;

2. – If you picked our Premade Logo: print it in color Mode;

    – If you picked our Standard Logo: complete it with the name of the organization you will approach and print it in color mode;

3. Cut it and glue it on the envelope.

Simple like that.

Standard Logo:

Download it HERE

Premade Logos:

– Action Against Hunger


– Friends of the Earth

– Grassroots International

– GreenPeace

– Habitat for Humanity

– Oxfam

– Save

– Save the Animals Foundation

– Save the Children

– The British Heart Foundation


Any ideas or suggestions

Email: factualsolutions@gmail.com


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